The Circle


All of my days I wandered round, looking inside the circle;
they’re having fun I can see it
I want to join in…so for a moment I climb back in
the sense of belonging to something weak…WHY?
I’m playing the game…living the life following the rules…
It doesn’t fit…years go by I adjust, learn new rules…
It still doesn’t fit… I only feel better when I am an observer…
perhaps I am broken somehow? That’s what they say … they mix me elixirs and potions…follow the rules take our potions you will fit, you will no longer be broken…now I am a caged bird … I want to sing my old songs but have forgotten the words…I flow from choice to choice…each one wrong each one holding me captive in this cage … on this plain.. I exist…I do not live…I see the cage door is loose…so I wiggle it and escape…I spread my wings and fly…leaving all behind everything they call security, all their potions and I FLY…when I come to rest I am in a strange land and I can flit about as I AM… my own rules living on the outside Truly living everyday…giving always giving and yet becoming full…I was never broken…I was never weak I AM joy! I AM Love! I AM Peace! I AM EVERYTHING… I want to share what I AM living with others so I return to the place where I was caged no longer afraid .They are all still living their life and they see me now as I AM and though I feel whole I have this desire …more to experience so once again I circle the game looking in…I sense something different this time a different energy and look up across the circle…I see a wanderer with golden eyes gazing at me under a Blue Moon…another caged bird opening the door.
(Adrn 2015) Adrn in Inuvik (Place of Man)

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