The Butterfly and the Tree


Butterfly is to Heaven as Tree is to Earth.

A woman from my past once told me that I was a “butterfly” and she was the ‘tree’ that grounded me.

I am only now starting to grasp what that meant.  Go with me on my explanation,,,,

Living my life as a Butterfly I have been free to flutter around, live as I do, freely without responsibility or hardship and I am truly thankful for that. My life has been blessed.

The flipside to that is the partners/trees that I choose in my life to keep me grounded. They remind me that life is hard and that we have all these responsibilities and dramas to work through and deal with in life and that is how we learn and grow. Deep down I realize that I chose these “trees” to land on so that I could relate to what was really going on in the 3D world.  All the meanwhile all  I wanted to do is fly above the rooftops watching a happy world below.

In my previous life as a firefighter I had the advantage of living 5 days a week with my head in the clouds and for two days a week I had to touch back down into reality.  It sounds like Im bordering on lunacy but I can assure you it was bliss.  I would experience my own world, my own “different/conspiracy” perspectives about what is going on in this matrix and then at the same time I could escape gravity and live in the 5th Dimension where there is only blissful Love!!  NO fear.   Would that not be Heaven??

Part of my existence in the 3D world is to assist/help/rescue people and the other half is to ascend/learn and grow within myself while showing others what is possible to overcome for everyone.  It is said “Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime”??

I had a wonderful reconnection with a beautiful friend today, Susan, who by the way is a rescuer and people pleaser in her own ways. It never fails and truly amazes me how I am reminded of my own true inner light when I am in presence of the same. Susan is a wonderful mirror for me and it is through her eyes that I am able to realize how much I shine through.  My question to her was back to the butterfly and tree. If you live your life as a butterfly, fluttering around freely and experiencing life through rose colored glasses, are you really in touch with true reality of what is going on in the world?  Does being “grounded” mean that you have to live only in the 3D world?  If you live your life in the lowest vibrations(fear) of life, can you ever experience Heaven(Love)?? At least while on this earth??  (You must realize that the true scale is all about Love and fear,  not high and low).

Should I live in the mud or live in the skies?  I still manage to pay my bills and feed myself everyday, and I love the interactions between everyone I meet. Life is not about what or how much you can accumulate while on this earth but rather how many hearts and souls you can touch and affect while on your short journey.  I suppose life is just what you make it. There is no good or bad, there just “is”.

Thanx for reading.



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