Waking from The Waking Dream

Waking World


I KNOW my dreams are real!! Last night I actually jumped out of bed to save someone from falling down, only to be instantaneously jerked back into my physical body and realize I was existing in a different dimension only a split second earlier.

When we arise in the morning, the dream world doesn’t seem so real, and after a time we usually forget it altogether. However, the seeming unreality of the dream world, when viewed from the waking state, occurs because we are back to identifying with the physical body; we have changed worlds. The body is the root of the world we perceive. One way to describe the dream state is the following: a living being is in a state of sleep or altered consciousness and has entered a world entirely created by its mind and believes itself to be a body created by its mind that is having experiences created by its mind. The purely mental aspect of this dream world tends to bring mental projections into form very quickly while keeping them fluid and in relatively continuous flux. When we wake up from dreaming, the mind created world, which appeared from nowhere, similarly disappears into nowhere, and we see it for what it was, a mental projection.

It has been said that spiritual awakening is like waking up from the waking dream of being a person in a physical world. Waking up as the One that is the dreamer of this life. Waking up to beingness itself or undifferentiated consciousness, and in that awakening seeing fully that the waking world is not so real after all. It is merely a projection of a larger mind or another dream world. Just as when a person learns to lucid dream or be conscious of the the fact that they are dreaming in a night dream, in waking up to who we are, we can engage the dream of life in a new way. Life becomes a beautiful dance of appearances in which we, the dreamer, can enjoy without becoming attached, enmeshed and controlled. Seeing everything as our true Self, we overcome fear and separation and partake in the bliss and joy which are what underlies existence itself. So what do you say? Is it time to wake up?

Here is a mind blowing article for your curiosity–>>  http://www.bodymindsoulspirit.com/waking-from-the-waking-dream


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