Freedom is??


JNThoughts- before they were self labeled “thoughts” lol From 2013

“Freedom” is just another word for having nothing left to lose.
(FREEDOM means being able to do whatever you choose. When you have nothing left to lose, there is no risk involved in any decisions you make. Think about it?!)

When I really think about it, most of my chains are related to $money$, $control$, $society$, and $$FEAR$$. Im only playing charades with the world!!
I was just thinking,,, ALL my life, all I have wanted is to be FREE! Freedom. (not so much from the outside forces,(govt, law, taxes, rules, control, abeyance) but from my own “within” (fear, insecurity, guilt, anger, lust, jealousy,,,etc)
Who is REALLY in control of you if/when you finally realize you have nothing left to give them??   Why do you continue to follow??   When do We wake up?
When you get rid of all your demons, you are truly FREE!!  (It doesn’t, wouldn’t, cant matter what anyone else thinks because it was all in your head anyhow!!)
Thankyou for tuning into the thoughts within Johns mind.  🙂

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