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So Im reading this book and its asking some pretty deep questions about self awareness, knowledge and intuition, among other things. The author tells me not to “automatically believe what others tell me, even if they happen to wear the necessary regalia and sport the impressive credentials of our learned professional organizations. A priest, a scientist, a doctor and a teacher are no more valid than the quality of the information they possess” Hmm Very interesting statement??!!
Pretty outlandish ideas (for the box society), scary in that “why wouldn’t I trust them” yet freeing in that I can choose for myself who and what I believe in.
I love this book because it bridges the science with the fiction. It caveats itself yet asks why not try to accept something unexplainable?? It broadens your mind only as far as you are willing to go.
What got me was when he writes “Most of you think that this kind of knowledge was to remain forever hidden and never known to man. You live in a world of concrete objects and events and for that reason you will erroneously expect concrete proofs of inner truths.”
Who ever says that you cannot make a dream come true?
If you have a wild crazy idea that no one has ever thought of, who says you cannot make it a reality?
When Star Trek was being channeled by Roddenberry, and movies like Mission Impossible were showing space age technology from the future, who knew we would be realizing those same things on our very own cell phones???
I think what he is saying is that if you stop yourself from dreaming and limit your self to what others believe and tell you is true, outside of common sense and safety, your growth and expansion while inhabiting this form at this moment will be severely stunted. I mean in this lifetime smile emoticon
Two more things he writes that I like are “The God Reality does not originate or exist in a three dimensional, physically manifested world, but is the source of it.
It exists in every invisible dimension and splashes out through every identity and every aspect of you everyday physical world”
And here is a new thought— “There is NO new consciousness being formed. Every consciousness that has ever existed in the past from the very beginning of the universe still exists right now and already exists in the future”
So the whole point is, if we already hold all the answers within, and we choose to break out of the restrictions and boxes we have been contained in, and we are not afraid of our true potentials,,,,, What stops us from being all we can be??!!
Maybe you are already. But it is food for thought.

My mind is always seeking for more,,,,,,,

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